About Us

International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Applications (IJCSMA) was established to recognize the tremendous growth in the core field and application areas of Computer and Communication. Further, to provide a forum for the exchange ideas on the emerging areas and to bring together technologists, application developers, researchers from industries, academic institutions and R&D laboratories. It is a referred international journal publishing original and review papers and case studies. Special Issues devoted to important topics in the areas of information and communication technology will also be published periodically.

IJCSMA provides a forum for exchanging knowledge in all areas of computer science, computer engineering, and mobile technology. This is a monthly open access, worldwide, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to serving society through high-quality research. The journal intends to promote new research in several disciplines of computer research, as well as codes and aspects in numerous engineering disciplines. The journal invites authors to contribute unique and unpublished material in the form of written reviews, short communications, and comments on a wide range of topics that communicate current research. We accept revised versions of papers that have previously been published in journals.

IJCSMA is a one-stop, open access source for a wide number of high quality, peer-reviewed articles in all aspects of computer science, computer engineering, and mobile technology. Scientists and engineers active in research can take advantage of this expanding global venue to submit papers covering their original research or extended versions of previously published conference/journal papers, scholarly journals, academic pieces, and so on.

This online international journal's broad indexing approach makes the published papers extremely visible to the scholarly community. As a result, they can be freely accessible and used by anybody for the advancement of science and technology.

The goal of this journal is to give a forum for researchers, scientists, academicians, and students from across the world to develop, share, and discuss new topics and discoveries in various fields of computer engineering. Furthermore, it improves research skills and helps students advance in their academic careers. Researchers from academia and industry are invited to submit research articles for publication in this journal.

This scientific publication has an Editorial Tracking System to ensure quality throughout the review process. Editorial Tracking is an online system for submitting, reviewing, and tracking manuscripts. Review processing is carried out by members of the journal's editorial board or by outside specialists; the approval of at least two independent reviewers, followed by the editor, is required for the acceptance of any citable submission. Authors can submit papers and follow their progress through the system, which will hopefully lead to publication. Reviewers can access manuscripts and provide feedback to the editor. Editors can oversee the entire submission/review/revision/publishing process.