Author(s): Sushil Chandra, Udai Raj, Rajeev Sonkar, Ujjwal Yadav, Pragati Srivastava, Rishikesh Gond

The main objective of this paper is to use of open source geospatial and software development technologies. Technologies emerging day by day, Internet make this possible, to connect across the world from one point and collect information of whole world. We can also collect data of earth through satellite imagery. GIS played a vital role in development, it make data visualize, store, analyze and helps in making of maps. It is able to analyses past data and present data based on that make future predictions. Now a day, All the data is collected with its geographical extents, this data is prepared as Geo-spatial data, it can be easily show on maps. The portal developed based on GIS makes better experience and interactive for users. We can easily make planning and other decision making.