Author(s): K. Madhavi, Dr. Aruna Varanasi

In the present modern world defense systems a huge Network Centric Warfare System (NCWS) are deployed to achieve operational efficiency. A NCWS consists of Radio Communication Systems, Radar Systems, Missile System and EW Systems. These different systems are deployed in different locations, regions and are linked together over a network. The user of the sub-ordinate systems can update software by downloading from server. As the updation of these software is based web based server there is possibility of server being attacked by hacker. To secure the central server and also to build security among different systems deployed in NCWS an exclusive anti-phishing techniques being proposed to be developed based on Image cryptography. Based on this approach, the image cryptography called Visual cryptography is used to divide the image into ‘n’ shares and these shares are stored at the User sub-ordinate System and at the Server during the registration time. During the each login phase for updating the software, legitimacy of a website is verified by stacking the shares of the image from the client system and server system. Using this Image cryptography methodology, both server side data and sub-ordinate systems (like radio communication system, radars etc.) will be protected. This approach protects systems from phishing attacks from enemies.