Author(s): Oyekanmi E.O; Oluwadare S.A; Alese B.K

In recent times, the problem of terrorism has approached a global dimension. The operation of terrorists are indiscriminate. Hence, tracking them requires careful planning, preparation and cooperation among security operatives and nations. Since terrorists have sinister motives, they often hide their identities or use falsified identities. In order to forestall terrorist’s attacks, intelligence and warning systems are put in place for detecting and preventing future attacks. In this study, we present a framework for tracking criminals using imaged-based height detection techniques. The framework involves four case studies of different postures. An algorithm was developed to capture the intrinsic parameters. The model developed was able to detect, both in the local as well as global, a person’s height with no fore-knowledge of the zooming rate with which the picture was taken. Matlab R2009a was used as a programming tool in the implementation of the developed algorithm