Author(s): A. Kanimozhi, Dr. B. Umadevi

In investment plan, people new for the platform needs well defined guidelines as well as a concrete support for making any decisions. Without any understanding or knowledge, it will make disinterest for the market penetrator. Depth knowledge or regular market players are only capable to predict the trend. It limits the investment and controls with in a group of people. In general stock market is always vibrant and confused in nature. There are so many researches gave essential solutions for the investors in identifying the market behaviour. Even though a good guidelines must need for the naïve investors rather than regular marketer who deals with stock investments. This paper focuses on introducing a new mechanism using the Multi Layer Perceptron and Support Vector Machine. The stock indices TCS and HCL Infotech from Nifty-Midcap50 are chosen for analysis for identifying the market behaviour.