Author(s): P Bhuvaneswari

E-commerce Security is a part of the Information Security framework and is specifically applied to the components that affect e-commerce that include Computer Security, Data security and other wider realms of the Information Security framework. E-commerce security has its own particular nuances and is one of the highest visible security components that affect the end user through their daily payment interaction with business. E-commerce security is the protection of e-commerce assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. Dimensions of e-commerce security-Integrity, Non-repudiation, Authenticity, Confidentiality, Privacy, Availability. In order to avoid system security flaw and defect caused user great loss, how to reduce ecommerce security risk has become a topic worthy of further exploration. In this paper, the critical security requirement for the e-commerce system is investigated and deduced the compliance, availability and manageability quality characteristics for e-commerce software security requirement. Applying the quantified quality characteristics and proposes a Security Requirement Quality Measurement (SRQM) model. Based on SRQM model, the paper develops a Security Requirement Quality Improvement (SRQI) procedure to identify problem and defect of security requirement quality.