A Reliable Mobile Application Package Picker and Delivery System


Author(s): Desmond Bala Bisandu, Obateru Joshua Adedotun, Farouk Lawan Gambo

The need for people to transport goods or send and receive packages across different locations in Nigeria is growing, and the consumers need. Other methods of transporting goods and different companies that handle this transportation have sprung up over the years, but only a small number of these cut across the entire country while still providing an efficient solution. This research presents an innovative solution that simplifies logistics processes for both the consumer and the service provider, from the point of request to the end of delivery, while also addressing other issues involving delivery speed and reliability. The findings of this study show massive agreement with theoretical predictions and a significant improvement over previous research efforts. The work presented in this research has important implications for future studies involving delivery system optimisation and may help solve all problems involving the entire delivery process system in Nigeria and beyond.