A Review: College Enquiry Automated Chatbot


Author(s): Prof. Priyanka Ghode, Pranav Jadhav, Tejas Shitole

A chatbot is a software that’s use is diverse in today’s world it is used to interact between a computer and a human in natural language like humans chat. Chatbots chat with the user in a conversation in place of a human and reply to the user. A college enquiry chatbot to be used by students to get their queries responded easily from the college website The main aim of the research presented in this paper was conduct a systematic review of highquality journal research papers in order to summarize the current state of research on chatbot .The future work include training the chatbot with more varied data, increasing the scope of the chatbot by adding a speech recognition speech recognition feature so that users can speak to get responses, and including integration with multiple channels such as phone call, SMS, and various social media platforms.<