Author(s): Akshata A Kulkarni, Rutuja D Kurundkar, Sneha V Khare, Shubhashree Savant, Prashant Chintal

The aim of Color Image Processing is to display image information for human perception. It is also fundamental step of digital image processing. It gives the applications of image processing which extract the features from image data, from which description, understanding and information can be obtained by machine. This system allows user to take hard copy of an image using printer and other output devices such as scanner etc; and also store the screen image into the disk file using file format (.jpg, .gif, .png etc.). It relates the image properties such as alteration and analysis of pictorial information. Nowadays image processing is used in our daily life. The most powerful image processing system is the one that interact with human brain together with the human eye. The main objective of this paper is to review development and implementation of color image processing which is necessary to operate upon images and visually enhance the images.