Author(s): Anjali S,Abhishek Nambiar C,Meenakshi Omprakash,Parvathy TR, Paul Louis

In today’s world where electoral fraud and election manipulation is increasing, it becomes necessary to find measures to decrease the amount of cheating. One solution for this is to recognize the person with the help of various security measures including OTP, graphical password etc. All voters must register on the proposed system. The user must then use this account to input his/her fingerprint. This feature is optional because it is not feasible for every household to have a fingerprint scanner. The details of every registered voter will be saved in the database using Block Chain and thus the particular person can be identified easily later. Upon verification using OTP (via text message, email), fingerprint and graphical password, the voter can cast his/her digital vote. The votes will be evaluated on a particular date. Until then, the user has the option of changing his or her vote. The use of ID cards is therefore avoided. It helps in recording the number of votes cast, number of voters appeared etc. and decreases the manual labor involved