Author(s): Sumanth C; K Dinesh Kumar

When it comes to era of modern age of computing it is evident that human beings have made their migration from static life style to dynamic lifestyle, i.e., all users activities will be carried out through usage of mobile. Mobility is totally been involved in all people lifestyles, it is very hard to find the person without a mobile phone, especially in welldeveloped or developing countries. Consider any mobile devices; they are mainly concerned with efficient power (Battery usage), processor time and memory utilization but when comes to security we are lagging behind in providing security to the data present in the mobile [1]. We came across various cryptographic algorithms but all the cryptographic algorithms which we are using their working is mainly concentrated to work better with desktop applications. There are very least known or no algorithms on cryptography for mobile applications. The available cryptographic algorithms like DES, AES, Triple DES, elliptical curve etc. algorithms demand much computational power than mobile devices can provide. In this paper we will be proposing the efficient and 2 layer secured „distortion encryption? and „restoring decryption? methods for multimedia data for portable mobile devices especially for images (Multimedia) [2][3].