Author(s): Dr. Pranav Patil

Fast urbanization and serpentine uses of electronic gadgets during the last two decades has led to genesis of a whopper character of electronic wastes resulting in soil, water and environmental pollutions. Thus pollution administer along with environmental safety has become the greatest worry of environmental scientists and activists worldwide. Dumping of electronic wastes, lone of the by-products of this urbanization process has metamorphosed a basic problem in our society. Since these wastes are not biodegradable, gradual declaration of these e-wastes leads to accumulation of at odds toxic metals take to lead, cadmium etc. and contaminates the soil again the basis water. Ground water contamination in turn, affects the plant unlovely and the living system as a thoroughgoing causing severe health hazards besides confusions. Therefore, proper management about these electronic wastes has come a pressing query of the point. In this paper, we contend about various sources of e-wastes, their effects and recommend steps for management of these toxic and hazardous wastes so as to drive the development process sustainable further green