A Study on Multimodal Biometrics System


Author(s): D.Shobana, A.Logeshwari, Dr. S.Uma Maheswari

Recently there has been an extensive growth in the use of biometrics for person identification applications .Biometrics which is defined as anatomical / physiological (fingerprint, iris, face) and behavioural (ridges, gait) characteristics are used by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), law enforcement and intelligence departments for the identification or authentication of an individual .Biometric identification systems which use a single biometric trait of the individual for identification and verification are called unimodal systems. Biometric identification systems which use or are capable of using a combination of two or more biometric modalities to identify an individual are called multimodal biometric systems. The most important reason behind using multimodal biometric systems is these systems depend on multiple sources of information and thereby improve the recognition rate. In order to choose multimodal biometric technology for identification a study on multimodal biometric system is required. This paper presents an overview of multimodal biometrics system.