Author(s): Venkatamangarao Nampally, Dr. M. Raghavender Sharma

VANETs have become a fundamental component of many intelligent transportation systems. Security is an important aspiration for VANET in view of the facts that improved security which reduces accidents and consequently improves traffic conditions and yet save lives. Developing secure VANET infrastructures remains most significant challenge. As authentication allows trusting both user and data, it requires considerable attention in the security framework of VANETs. Most of the research concerted efforts in academics and industry are focused to provide efficient security architecture for VANET to protect the network from adversary nodes and attacks. The problem of VANET is transmitting information to correct destination without effect in that information. Pointing out security gaps regarding distinct threats, the classification will allow to designed new secure network control methods. This paper provides various attacks in VANET and possible solutions by using cryptographic operations.