A Technique for Mining Uncommon Causal Relations and Its Submission in Finding Adverse Drug Reaction Indication Pairs


Author(s): I.Gurumurthy, R.Jayamma

Data mining is the process of extracting or mining the information from large amount of data. It is used in many tangible world applications. Mining the data from data set and examines the data for decision making process. Several data mining algorithms are applied to improve the decision making process. To discover the causal association from electronic patient datasets internment the causality among uncommon events. The projected system to find the finest membership function of a fuzzy system using subdivision swarm optimization. PSO has no evolution operators such as crossover and mutation. The element swarm optimization concept consists of, at each time step, varying the velocity of each element toward its and locations. All elements are moved to the test finest solution. These mining contrary drug reaction indications are useful to discover patient critical condition and reduce the computational complexity for drug safety professionals