Author(s): Selva Kumar.S, Muthukumar.S, Gayathri Devi S, Pasupathi P

Today’s intelligent systems in this digital era, require a high demand for Internet and multimedia computing that focuses images mostly. Images contain human conveys valuable information. Especially, Face is a prolific information source through which people can effortlessly extract many kinds of useful information from a face image, such as identity, expression, emotion, gaze, gender, age, etc. But, automatic detection by computers is still a herculean task. The automatic extraction of most of the useful information has been extensively studied in several research areas including multimedia, HCI, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning and neural networks. Images containing faces has received a great attention over the last few years, because of its applications in all the domains. Based on the analysis of the information contained in the face images, there are a lot of research efforts in processing of human face images that tries to build a fully automated system. It is confident that the outcome this proposal definitely supports the future prospective researchers to have a clear vision on age group estimation from facial frontal images.