Author(s): Dalia Nashat, Abeer Shoker , Fowzyah Al-Swat and Reem Al-Ebailan

One of the most popular handicaps is the deaf and dumb type, which prevent person from listening and talking. The number of deaf and dumb in the world continuously increasing and they are introverted closed society. Therefore, Deaf-Dumb people do not have normal opportunities for learning. Uneducated DeafDumb people face serious problem in communication with normal people in their society. It is notable, however, that most available application focus only on learning or recognition of sign language. In this paper, we introduce an integrated android application to blend uneducated Deaf-Dumb people within society, and help them to communicate with normal people. The introduced application proposes an easy translator in keyboard form that can translate any word from sign language to Arabic or English language and vice versa. This application also contains most daily words for teaching deaf and dumb kids in attractive way (colors, pictures, animations, quiz …etc). Moreover, it introduces some games that help them to communicate and entertain.