Author(s): Dr. J.Meenakumari, Venkatesha K H and Vijayakumar S

Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) is the most familiar strategic approach that is being followed for more than a decade for identifying credible customers in banking sector. However, identifying proper segmentation methodology remains as a great challenge due to heterogeneous factors attributing to it. In general, cluster-based approach was used to profile demographical aspects of customers till date. In this study, in-depth analysis is made to ascertain the behavioural aspects of the customers. A case analysis was performed using KS statistics to identify high response segments precisely from the total population. The significant interpretations of the analysis are documented in this paper together with costbenefit approach. Analytical based ROI approach revealed optimal solution to obtain higher responsive segments at a lower cost. This approach will help the banking sector to further enhance their procedure to find potential customers.