Author(s): K. Ramakrishna Reddy, Prof. B.K Tripathi and Dr. S.K Tyagi3

History of science has taken an incredible turn after the advancement of Man-made consciousness. Entire world is participated in computerized reasoning through various dialects like Python, Java, R, C++, C, JavaScript, Scala, Julia, and so on. AI is a piece of man-made consciousness that helps in preparing of machines for the connection with human. Man machine connection begins from a littlest degree of neural networks that is Perception. Perception is the single layer neural networks which is prepared utilizing AI. The interconnection of various layers shapes a neural network. There are various kinds of neural networks which are utilized for various purposes. The goal of the paper is to discover which neural network fits best for face acknowledgment or characteristic language handling or some other undertaking. Yield with the outline will settle on the choice all the more clear about the target.