Author(s): Mehta Karankumar D., Mehta Shreya B., Raviya Kapil S

An embedded system is a computer system design for specific control function within a large system often with real time computing system. This research paper was developed to produce web based temperature, humidity & pressure monitoring system that allows to continue monitor these parameters. This system allowed the data to be anytime & anywhere from the internet after we login into webpage. This research paper also concludes that user can set limit range of the above parameters & if these parameters goes beyond that value, it will turn off devices. With Ethernet-based, internet-enabled instrumentation, remote access can be anywhere a smartphone has a signal. From the simplest application, viewing data through the web-browser on your iPhone, Blackberry device or laptop, to more sophisticated uses, such as sending a text or e-mail message when an alarm occurs, or transmitting a data log file over the internet from a remote location to a central office.