Approach for IT Infrastructure Implementation of Creating Digital Hospital


Author(s): Dr. Pranav Patil, Rupesh Chhotilal Pati

The developing world faces several health issues i.e. HIV/AIDS, malaria, infectious disease, recently respiratory disease and bird flu have threaten the health and lives of innumerable folks. Lack of infrastructure and trained man power are thought of vital barriers in providing correct treatment and treatment for diseases cluster. during this paper we tend to can make a case for the way to set up, design, implement and review Hospital data systems in Hospitals and health care comes within the developing countries. we will discuss one in all the pilot comes administered publicly hospital of India demonstrating that such systems are attainable and may expand to manage many thousands of patients. Our main focus are coming up with and implementation of hardware and network infrastructure for Hospital system ( HIS). Finally, we are going to discuss the importance of the utilization of open standards and open supply code for developing electronic anamnesis systems instead of reinventing systems in isolation to modify collaboration with the members of the health and upbeat price chain on a standard goal i.e. rising individual upbeat.