ASLBACC ?A Study on Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing


Author(s): Ramalingam Sugumar

Cloud Computing is change the IT industry, altering the technique software and hardware is used and afford. Hardware infrastructure, software developing platforms and software request are afford as on-demand services to consumers. These services are identified as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. Cloud Computing build the on-demand procedure of computing resources such as bandwidth, storage or computational power and software applications accessible on a pay-as-you-use standard for end users and activity. As the numbers of users are increasing on the cloud, the load balancing has become the challenge for the cloud provider. Load balancing is a main challenge in cloud environment. Hence efficient utilization of resources must be important and for that load balancing plays a vital role to get maximum benefit from the resources. In this paper we are studying various load balancing algorithm and issues related to them in cloud computing