Behaviour Analysis of Student in Education System using FLS & KMC


Author(s): Dr. Shubhangi D.C, Sushma R S

An undergrad's life can be fundamentally arranged into spaces, for example, instruction, wellbeing, social and different exercises which may incorporate day by day errands and voyaging time. Time administration is critical for each graduate. A self-acknowledgment of one's time spent in different sectors is very fundamental to boost one's powerful yield. This paper describes two approaches a) Fuzzy Logic System (FLS) b) K-Means Clustering (KMC) to determine the ones behaviour, determine whether he/she as qualities of becoming an successful student, recommend student every week so that they invest the time in those field that provide positive impact on growth of the student. Student success plays important role in University. As from factor of truth a student success depends on various factors such as domain of interest, ease of learning environment in institute, guidance from professors, friends & family but as these all things are un measurable to measure the success of student here this paper concentrates on study conducted by collecting data of M.Tech CSE students that belongs to Visvesvaraya Technological University Center for PG Studies, Kalaburagi for a period of 1 Month. Aim here is to build an Mobile app that collect student information through Google Maps API, GPS that represent student way of living & to provide an Web based interface so that university can track how student are utilizing there time in day, & recommend them weekly the way they live.