Author(s): Gurtej Singh Ubhi, Jaspreet Kaur Sahiwal

With fruition of the computer world and the propagation of the storage devices has led to an explosion of the on hand information , to add further it has been found that a large part of the same data is neither stored or used. There is a growing need for extraction of usable facts from the operational data in the real world which is decisive in fast changing situation. Since, indulgent and treatment Big data is a big dispute This paper surveys different approaches in real-time analytics of Big Data or near real-time in the detailed fields of application, as well as tools and techniques being used. The survey results indicate what technologies have been used in each of the fields of application and what the reason for the choice was along with the extension of future challenges of the same. This is an attempt to contribute to epistemology with novel opinion on typical scenarios for Big Data.