Author(s): Mr.T.Thirumal Valavan; Ms.R.Kalaivani

The research has been done by us long time in the field of finger print recognition. Earlier we used infrared with VGA camera for capturing finger print and there was some questions that were the result good and was it acceptable and secure?. Because of this problem the finger vein recognition came to light. Finger vein authentication is a new biometric method utilizing the vein patterns inside one’s fingers for personal identity verification. Vein patterns are different for each finger and for each person. Virtually all biometric methods are implemented using the following 1) sensor, to acquire raw biometric data from an individual; 2)feature extraction, to process the acquired data to develop a feature-set that represents the biometric trait; 3)pattern matching, to compare the extracted feature-set against stored templates residing in a database; and 4) decision-making, whereby a user’s claimed identity is authenticated or rejected. This paper discusses the origins, basic working principles, technology features and drawbacks and future development of GSM based sms alert .