Author(s): K. Preethi, P. Saranya and D. Shobana

Blue Brain is that the name of the world's 1st virtual brain. A Virtual machine is one that may perform as, a really applicable application of a synthetic Intelligence human brain. Reverse engineering may be a foremost conception of implementing the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level within a whole simulation. The four major motivations behind the Blue Brain Technology square measure treatment of brain disfunctioning, scientific curiosity concerning consciousness and human mind, a bottom up approach towards building thinking machine and databases of all neuroscientific analysis results and connected past stories. There square measure 3 main steps 2to build the virtual brain square measure information acquisition, simulation and mental image of results. The mission is enterprise the Blue Brain technology is to collect all existing data of the brain, raise the worldwide analysis potency of reverse engineering and to create a whole theoretical framework.