Author(s): Dr. Pranav Patil

Digital technology is about all walks of life, all over the world and has brought the real meaning of globalization. Once end cyber system provides opportunities to communicate and at the other end some individuals or community utilize its command for criminal purposes. Criminals exploit the Internet and other network communications which are international in scope. Condition is alarming; Cyber crime is an upcoming and is the talk of the town in every field of the society or system. Theoretically and practically this is the latest subject for researchers and is growing exponentially. A lot of work has been done and continuous has to be gone because the invention or up gradation of new technology leads to the technical crime. The digital or we can say the cyber crime or e-crime. This is because every day a new technique is individual developed for doing the cyber crime and lots of times we are not having the proper investigating method or technique to tackle that newly cyber crime.<