Author(s): G. Angeline Prasanna; A. Deena Mercy

Due to the explosive growth of Internet-capable and location-aware mobile devices, information generation and sharing become increasingly popular. Collaborative location-based approach is used for selecting top-k query based on Point Of Interest (POI). This system consists of a data collector, data contributors, location-based service providers (LBSPs), and system users. The data collector collects reviews about points-of-interest (POIs) from data contributors, while LBSPs buy POI data sets from the data collector and allow users to do spatial top-k queries which invite the POIs in a certain region and with the highest k ratings for an interested POI attribute. But LBSPs are untrusted and may hark back fake query results for various bad motives, e.g., in favour of POIs willing to pay. Here novel schemes are used to detect fake query result and moving it to top-k query results set. The efficacy and efficiency of our schemes are thoroughly analysed and evaluated.