Author(s): Shubham Sharma,Rahul Sharma

The servers are used to store the information for long term use and preservation of important data. The server secures user data from the virus and others. But these servers are not able to protect user’s unauthorized access to the server files. Therefore an authentication process which is assuring the actual user data access is required. In this paper a hybrid authentication process is proposed that assures the data security by preventing unauthorized access. This method includes three parameters for secure authentication (i.e. user credential (user id and password), user behaviour credentials (typing speed and screen touch gesture) and finally biometric user identity (finger print). Before accessing confidential data and files from server user required to claim their identity through this processes. This system is developed for mobile users. In order to implement this technique, PHP technology and Android technology is used. The PHP is used for web service implementation and Android is used to provide the user interface for mobile devices. After implementation of system performance is measured in terms of time and space complexity. That is acceptable for security implementation on data access. Therefore the proposed technique is suitable to use in real world applications.