Author(s): M.S.M. Rizwan, A.W. Hanoofa

Communication disorder is a big challenge for school children. This study aims to identify the students with communication disabilities among primary children (Grades 3-5) at Km/AlMina Vidyalaya, Nintavur. Data was collected using, interviews and tests from 35 students and 3 teachers. Data were analyzed with MS Word, 2007, and MS Excel, 2007. This study was based on a mixed-method research design. A research design is considered to be the most appropriate approach for this study since it describes an existing situation. The total primary students participated in observations for communication disorders. All the children were observed using test tools. The results of the study identified that 22.5% of schoolchildren were affected by communication disorders. Among these, 27 students were affected by reading disorders, 35 students were affected by writing disabilities, 10 students were affected by speaking disorders and 8 students were affected by listening skills, and four students were affected by all these problems. Within the disorder group, 21 boys and 14 girls were identified.