Author(s): B. Vijay Kumar Babu, V.K.R. Mohan Rao, Y.Rambabu

This paper presents an improved transformer less inverter with common mode leakage current elimination for a photovoltaic grid connected power system .To eliminate the common-mode leakage current in the transformer less Photovoltaic grid-connected system, an improved single-phase inverter topology is presented. The improved transformer less inverter can sustain the same low input voltage as the full-bridge inverter and guarantee to eliminate common-mode leakage current. The inverse sine carrier pulse width modulation (ISPWM) control strategy can be applied to implement the presented inverter. The lower total harmonic distortion and higher fundamental output voltage are obtained by using the inverse sine carrier pulse width modulation (ISPWM). The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is used to extract the maximum power form PV panel. The simulation result of the proposed topology using MATLAB/SIMULINK is presented.