Data Loss Prevention in Detecting and Preventing Data Breaches: An Overview


Author(s): M.Sharmiladevi, Rafion Houdhoyfi, Vignesh Ramamoorthy H

In modern virtual economy, statistics enters and leaves our on-line world at record rates. A typical corporation sends and receives thousands and thousands of e-mail messages and downloads, saves, and transfers hundreds of files via diverse channels on an everyday basis. Enterprises also hold touchy facts that customers, business partners, regulators, and shareholders count on them to protect. Unfortunately, groups constantly fall sufferer to big information loss, and high-profile information leakages related to sensitive private and corporate records continue to seem Data loss may want to substantially damage a company's competitiveness and reputation and can also invite lawsuits or regulatory effects for lax security. Therefore, groups need to take measures to recognize the touchy information they keep, how it's controlled, and how to prevent it from being leaked or compromised.