Author(s): A.Logeshwari,M.Aiswariya,V. Swathi K.Vivekavarthini

Cloud computing changed the world around us. It is well known that cloud computing has many advantages and many enterprise applications and data are migrating to public or hybrid cloud. Therefore, storing the data on the cloud becomes a norm. However, there are many issues that countered data stored in the cloud starting form virtual machine which is the mean to share resources in cloud and ending on cloud storage itself. In this paper, we present about data security and privacy protection issues in cloud computing, and those issues that prevent the people from adopting the cloud and give the solutions that have been done to reduce the risks and issues. The data stored in the cloud need to be confidential, preserving integrity and available. And moreover, sharing the data that are stored in cloud among many users is still an issue since the cloud service provider is untrustworthy to manage authentication and authorization. In this paper, we list some issues and solutions for the issues related to data in cloud storage. And the research work about the data security and privacy protection issues in cloud.