Author(s): Mrs. S.Kalaiarasi, Harsh Kumar, Sourav Patra

Dermatology is one of the most unpredictable and difficult terrains to diagnose due to its complexity. In most developing countries, it is expensive for a large number of people. According to World Health Organization (WHO), skin diseases are the most common non-communicable diseases in India. The ubiquitous use of smartphones in developing countries like India has opened up new avenues for inexpensive diagnosis of diseases. The camera in smartphones can used to exploit the image processing capabilities of the device for diagnosis. The proposed system deals with the creation of an application that helps in diagnosis of Skin disease. It uses image processing and machine learning technology to detect diseases. The system consists of 2 parts- image processing and the machine learning. The image processing part deals with applying various filters to the images to remove noise and make them uniform. It is necessary to remove the unwanted elements from the image before processing else it will affect the output efficiency. The Machine learning part deals with the processing of data and generation of result.