Design and Develop the B2C Farming Information System Solution using Mobile and Web Geospatial Development Technologies for Smart Supply chain of Fruit Crops of UP, India


Author(s): Sushil Chandra, Rajeev Sonkar, Ujjwal Yadav, Pragati Srivastava, Sanghmitra

The main objective of writing this paper is to use innovative blend of open source geospatial and software development technologies, for maximizing benefits to both exporter/buyer and grower/farmer, by establishing smart supply chain of the fruit crops of UP, India The striving endeavour drone to build and/or utilize develop GIS, web GIS Portal, and Mobile Application by synergizing computer . In this, this anomalous problem can be solved by creating a web GIS portal and mobile application by coordinating computer science, GIS, remote sensing and mobile technology. After analyzing the satellite remote sensing data, the information of various Orchards are extracted and converted to GIS feature geodatabase. The format is converted and imported into the mobile application, with the help of Geographical Coordinates, the fruit related information of their field be filled by grower/farmer through handy user-friendly vernacular Mobile Application. The submitted information pulled on created user-friendly GIS Portal. After filling it, the web will be updated automatically on the GIS portal. With the help of latitude and longitude, all the information of crop information of the farmer such as which variety of fruit is available in the field and how much quantity can be filled in the mobile application. After filling it, the web will be updated automatically on the GIS portal. All buyer's list will already be available on the web GIS portal, this will end the problems of both the farmer and the buyer.