Determination and Analysis of Automated Fruits Grading System Using Machine Learning Method


Author(s): Amrita Parashar

Most Exporter or fruit seller doing the grading of fruits or vegetables based on results and through experience which involves a lot of subjectivity such as cleanliness, , cost and inconsistency, labor requirements, availability, an automatic marking system needs to be developed . In this, we are designing automatic fruit grading system to combine three phases (feature extraction, sorting and grading), in which human intervention is not required. This system must be designed to eradicate the problems of manual grading of fruits which involve lot of subjectivity issues. It is designed to help all people which are connected with this like stakeholders, producers, consumer, etc in making their choices. We will capture the images of fruits. The image can be captured by using a digital camera or mobile phone camera. This image is then input to the system (Agriculture Grading system) for obtaining the quality of that fruit and then accordingly we give fruit’s grade. The Agriculture Grading system consists of various steps like feature extraction, shape- based sorting and grading. The image which is captured by any camera is processed using tools of image processing for determining its features [6]- [9]. Based on the fruit’s appearance its features are extracted and these extracted features are comparing with the Rule formed with the help of genetic algorithm database of fruits. Based on this comparison fruits have been graded.