Author(s): Mr. M. Namasivayam; Ms. N. Radhika

Diagnostic group behaviors is to analyze how the individual person behaves in a social media. The social media comprises n number of peoples can connect to others like family members, friends, colleagues online. The given information about some individuals can be identified by some other persons but we cannot identify some persons with in the same network. A key observation is that the users of the same affiliation tend to connect with each other. This approach leads to scalability problem, by using this Socio Dim approach can simplify this issue; however the socio dim network comprises huge collection of individuals and their behaviors. To scale and study the prediction about all the users this socio dim approach can be easily applied and extracted, As a result the behaviours of a group can be collected, based on the result we can predict the performance of a group and the similarities of one or more persons interests in a network.