Different Approaches for the Removal of Different Valued Salt and Pepper Noise in Images Using Spartan 3 FPGA with Security


Author(s): Mr. C. S. Mogare, Prof. K. J. Mahajan

In this paper we propose efficient algorithm for high-density salt and pepper noise removal in images and videos. In the transmission of images over channels, due to faulty communications images are corrupted by salt and pepper noise. We will deal with the images corrupted by salt-and-pepper noise in which the noisy pixels can take only the maximum or minimum values. Several nonlinear filters have been proposed for restoration of images contaminated by salt and pepper noise. Among this proposed algorithm is reliable method to remove the salt and pepper noise without damaging the edge details. Field Programmable Gate Array is used to remove noise. In this paper we are achieving some modification of information hiding with hardware design of Least Significant Bit (LSB) steganography technique. Embedding secret information inside images requires in depth computations and therefore steganography designing in hardware speeds up steganography process. The results showed that the modification has a very good mysterious invisibility, good security and vigorous for a lot of hidden attacks.