Diffusing the Innovation of Cloud Computing Implementation: International Marketing Organization Perspective


Author(s): Adewale D. Ashogbon* and Paul A. Markham

The risk associated with the cloud computing implementation has become a growing concern within the context of international marketing organizations. The staggering report of cloud computing implementation failures poses increasing challenges for organizations of sizes. Research studies have advocated the importance of using diffusion of innovation theory to mitigate the risk posture documented during implementation process. Therefore, the study addressed the lack of understanding of the diffusion of innovation theory in cloud computing implementation from the international marketing organization’s perspectives. The correlational quantitative-based study examined the diffusion of innovation theory. The DOI was used as a guiding theoretical framework for the study. The implementation factors were used to examine the influence of the diffusion of innovation in the cloud computing implementation process from the international marketing organization’s perspectives. Findings in this study confirmed DOI as a valid model to determine the successful implementation of cloud computing technology.