Eliminate Residue in Cloud System


Author(s): Dr. K. Sunil Manohar Reddy

Usually the client information’s deduplication brings various problems of security, due to certain limitations of data possession. In this paper a novel client-side deduplication approach is introduced for sharing of outsourced information by using public cloud. The proposal ensures improved privacy towards unofficial users and secondly, by using integration of access rights within metadata file, an official user will decipher an encrypted file by means of his private key. This system of client-side data deduplication is on the basis of original usage of convergent encryption. The proposed solution is on the basis of cryptographic use of symmetric encryption utilized for enciphering data file as well as asymmetric encryption for Meta data files, because of maximum sensibility of the data towards various intrusions. It is moreover shown to be tough towards unofficial access towards data and for any data disclosure throughout sharing process, offering two levels of access control confirmation.