Author(s): Hanaa A. Sayed, Moetaz A. Barakat, Mohamed A. Mohamed, Taha H. Awad and Ayman S. Fahmy

Illiteracy is one of the biggest problems faces the developing countries. The illiteracy in the Arab world has reached 96 million; two thirds of them are women, According to Arab Human Development Report. We will use a graphical interactive ways to teach the illiterate people. We build this application (?elmni) to help illiterate people to confront illiteracy and eliminate it. The application allows users learn the Arabic letters and words with many activates. The application helps the three types of learners auditory, visual and kinesthetic/tactile. We use speech recognition technique to measure the reading skills. The words are displayed in text and the user is asked to pronounce it. The application can work online from the cloud or offline.