Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes


Author(s): Prashant Gandhi, Pushpendra Gautam, Rohit Bisht. Shubhi Gupta

A visual cryptography scheme (VCS) is a kind of secret image sharing scheme which allows the encoding of a secret image into shares. The drawback of visual cryptography scheme (VCS) is that even a layman to cryptography is able to decode the secret image without having any cryptographic knowledge and computational tools/devices. An extended visual cryptography scheme (EVCS) is a type of visual cryptography scheme (VCS) which consists of meaningful shares (not like in the traditional VCS which consists of meaningful as well as meaningless shares). In this paper, we propose the construction of EVCS which is recognized by embedding random shares into meaningful covering shares, and hence we call it the Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme (EEVCS). Experimental results in recent years show that the proposed Embedded EVCS has reasonably good visual quality compared to many of the well-known EVCSs.