Author(s): Dujan B. Taha, Yousif A. Hamid, Othman M. Hasan

One of the most important requirements that should be achieved in the meantime is, providing Safety & Emergency service as soon as possible when someone needs it. Hence, a software system has been designed and developed called "Emergency & Anti-Theft" that will send SMS & Emails with the accurate current location to someone who can provide help in a very short time. The system is used for the following situations, an accident, fire, kidnapping, or phone theft, also it can work as a tracker. It is capable of getting the current location from GPS, Wi-Fi, GPRS ,or even from the nearest service provider towers and get the location, so no matter where a person is, there must be a way to get his/her location. The system has been tested by many users and for different situations and proved its efficiency, ease of use, and reliability due to the new features it has provided. This system has been implemented using ADT (Android Development Tools) and Eclipse as the GUI with the packages provided by the SDK (Software Development Kit) manager.