Author(s): Mrunalini.G, Laxman.Maddikunta, a Krishna Chaitanya Katkam

Alliances of web-dependant functions and processes play a crucial role in today?s business environments. Technological networks used for connecting nodes on networks and social networks used for human interactions were given importance in over the last few generations. As this has brought the changes in way of communicating, the media used in these human interactions are guided by certain well-established principles. Interaction models that address different contexts are involved to hike the complexities of configurations and dispensation of people and associated services. A miscellaneous service-aligned system is instigated to form human made and software-based services(SBSs) for allowing interactions between them and addressing transpiring problems. We provide theoretical information which orates the necessity for a pliable participation of experts and people of high-knowledge into these varied alliances. It is quite a difficult task to find an appropriate Actor in miscellaneous service systems. Trust among participants plays a crucial role for achieving successful alliances.HPS makes experts to give in their services that include skills and techniques whichever are requested basing on demand.