Faketype: A Typing Test Application Using Finite State Machine and Context-Free Language


Author(s): John Christian Buenaflor, Jayrald B. Empino, Jean Allyson S. Junsay* and Alyssa Franchesca Obillo

With the use of the Finite State Machine as our mathematical abstraction, this paper presents a method to obtain the typing accuracy on both English and Random/Fake characters, using an online typing test application. Participants were instructed and informed to type as quickly and as accurately as they could, using the two kinds of available vocabulary context, while the application itself, was keeping a score based on their word-per-minute accuracy and speed. The difficulty of the application depends on the length of the word from the application, in every mistake, the user’s speed will slow down. Whereas it primarily used the context-free grammar for the randomized words. The findings of this study shows that the accuracy of the context in English, are much higher, compared to the randomized fake characters. This study entirely focuses on the application of finite state automata and context-free grammars in programming language compilation.