Author(s): Opinder Singh†, Dr. Jatinder Singh‡, Dr. Ravinder Singh‡

A mobile adhoc network (MANET) is an infrastructure-less type network, which consists of number of mobile nodes with wireless network interfaces. In MANET every node functions as transmitter, router and data sink. MANET has dynamic topology which allows nodes to join and leave the network at any point of time. MANET is more vulnerable due to its characteristics such as dynamic topology, distributed cooperation and open medium. Security issues in mobile adhoc networks are veiled by various techniques that were introduced in past decade. Due to decentralized nature of MANET, the security issues cultivate resulting in welcoming various lethal vulnerabilities. Out of all attacks in MANET, Flooding attacks are considered most challenging adversarial modules that tremendously affect the communication system in MANET. This paper presents survey of various security techniques used for mitigating Flooding attacks in MANET.