Author(s): P. Uma Maheswari

In the present scenario a transformation of the mobile phone from a status symbol to a necessity has occurred because of the countless benefits that a mobile phone provides as a personal diary, email dispatcher, calculator, game player, camera, music player, etc. The younger generation is the latest consumer of the mobile phones, user of different applications in mobile phones and under the age group of 25 years. Thus the researcher decided to conduct the study in different colleges as the college going students started using mobile phones quite frequently as most of them reside in the hostels. Day-scholar students also want to be in constant touch with their family members and friends while studying in colleges. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyze the frequency of using WhatsApp Messenger by college students for different purposes. This study focused on six purposes like Sending Images, Sending Videos, Chatting, Group Chatting, Voice Chatting and International Chatting. Hence, a descriptive research was conducted to find out the frequency of using WhatsApp Messenger by college students who use mobile phone and internet connection in Salem District, TamilNadu and the findings of this study would be beneficial to the application developers and mobile phone marketers.