GovSchemAna - A Machine Learning Enabled Android App for Analysis of Government Schemes


Author(s): Sabyasachi Mohanty, Sudarsan Padhy, M Vamsi Krishna

Smartphones and machine learning as part of today's technical world have demonstrated their benefits in their respective fields of operation. Smartphones have become the necessity of every human being that functions more than just as a communicating device. Though these mobile devices are designed to operate in less processing power, storage, and energy, these are sufficient to run the variety of apps such as calculator, watch, alarm clocks, and camera. Similarly, machine learning facilitates systems that can learn from experience and perform analytics. Advances in machine learning have greatly supported the decision making ability, though a sophisticated platform is required to execute the algorithms. Considering the limitations of both the technologies i.e., machine learning and smartphone, in terms of computing power, memory, and energy, we propose a novel approach for performing analysis of government schemes using a machine learning enabled Android app. This app, named as GovSchemAna (Government Scheme Analyzer), offers an on-device platform to perform predictions in the field of government schemes for their stakeholders.