Author(s): Dr. Pranav Patil

ICT has become the necessary side for fulfillment of any organization or in alternative words it's become the backbone of any organization. Along side this focus has conjointly stirred onto inexperienced computing and has inspired researches into totally different energy saving techniques starting from home primarily based computer systems to the shopper server systems. As expressed on top of ICT has become an indispensable a part of our daily lives and this ultimately becomes a supply for excessive power consumption, excessive payment on resources and uses of the many unhealthful materials. All of those are malpractices that directly or indirectly result in risky impact on the atmosphere. This study throws light-weight on the problems like inexperienced computing, this trend in inexperienced computing, and therefore the challenges in field of inexperienced computing, and therefore the pointers that highlights our responsibilities as computer users, the long run trends of Green computing. These issues will help us in optimum use of ICT alongside minimal negative consequences which can occur during its use