Author(s): N. MOHAMED BAYAS; Mr. S.Rajesh

The nature of the Ad hoc Network leaves it vulnerable to intentional attacks. This intentional interference with wired transmission can be used for mounting denial of service attacks on Ad hoc Network. The protocol specification and network secrets can low effect attacks that are difficult to detect. In this work a problem of selective attacks is actively for a short period of time, selectively targeting messages of high importance. A selective attack on TCP can be launched performing real time packet classification at physical layer. Every hiding of the packet to be sent through many transmission lines but the transmission line will be selected based on virtually to setting a path by randomly. The random of selecting the transmission lines for the packet that will be protected from the unauthorized users. The transmission line can be changed from time to time based on the current traffic and the topology. The sending of every packet from source to destination via the various intermediate nodes can be changed dynamically. We analyze and evaluate have been conducted to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of using the transmission line.